Seeking Patients and Caregivers of those Diagnosed With dry AMD

Participation will include the following:

  • 3-days Virtual Roundtable (online bulletin board) discussion. You can log on at your convenience from home for about 60 minutes per day for a total of about 3 hours overall.


  • Must be diagnosed with or the caregiver of someone diagnosed with dry AMD
  • Patient must currently be receiving treatment for dry AMD
  • Patient must be 65+ years old
  • Patient Can be Male or Female

If you do not meet the above specifications you will not qualify for the Study.

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Who Are We (Echo Project Management Group, Inc.)

  • We are a leader in connecting patients with recognized medical Research Studies
  • We are dedicated to being up front and open with you. If you have questions just ask!
  • We are committed to protecting your personal data and are a HIPAA Compliant Entity

 Patients and Caregivers Will be Compensated for Their Time

If you meet the above qualifications we want to hear from you!

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This study is currently considered double-blinded. Double-blinded means that your personal information will not be known to the Sponsor.  As well, the Sponsor’s identity will not be revealed to you during the course of the study.  There is no requirement for reporting payments in this case.
In the event the study becomes unblinded, by any means (i.e. you reveal your personal information or the Sponsor recognizes you), we will notify you prior to reporting information to the Sponsor. Should this happen, the Sponsor is required, under Federal Law (the Sunshine Act), to collect personally identifying information for the purpose of tracking and reporting payments.  This means that after payment of honoraria, your name, address, service provided (i.e.: market research participant) and the amount of payment made to you in connection with this market research study will be reported by the Sponsor to the government as required under this act or any other state or federal laws