ECHO Project Management Group, Inc.™ was founded on passion. Passion for those with rare diseases, chronic health conditions and mental illness to REALLY improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients.

With a reputation for professionalism, hard work, attention to detail, determination, and a compassionate approach to all things medical, Echo offers services unmatched in the field of medical treatment research.

Dee Armstrong

Founder & Senior
Project Manager

Hello! My name is Dee Armstrong and I’d like to personally welcome you to ECHO. Your participation is so important to us and will serve as the foundation for helping yourself and others achieve greater health care.

My motivation for starting ECHO is very personal. While growing up, I watched my uncle suffer from severe schizophrenia. When my grandmother was later diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, it took such a terrible toll on my family. Medical professionals did little to help and we felt powerless to assist either beloved relative.

I founded ECHO to advance patient-centered medical research by recruiting people like you who are willing to share their experiences with rare diseases, health conditions and mental illnesses. As part of our connected community, you’ll have the opportunity to be heard! The valuable information you provide about your diagnosis and treatment which will be used by physicians, pharmaceutical companies and other medical institutions to improve patient services.

We want to hear your story. Let us be your ECHO so that everyone in the medical community can hear what you have to say! Together we will create positive change for ourselves, our fellow community members and future generations!