We recruit for a variety of studies which utilize a number of collection options.

TDI’s – Nationwide telephone interviews

Patients are invited to share their experiences through telephone and web-assisted telephone interviews. They are asked pertinent questions relating to their diagnosis and asked to provide individualized insight regarding how to better help those with their medical condition.

IDI’s – In-depth Interviews face to face with an experienced Strategists

  • In-Facility – Patients are invited to join one or more interviewers at a medical facility to share their healthcare story. They are encouraged to share additional feedback and expertise regarding their respective diagnosis.
  • In-Home Ethnography – Patients consent for an interviewer to come to their home for an in-depth personalized interview regarding their diagnosis. Patients are given the opportunity to show in greater detail how their chronic condition has affected their life. Including what they’ve done to improve their overall daily wellbeing and what tools and assistance is lacking.

Online ForumsOnline Focus Groups allow for free flowing conversation between the moderator and all participants. Patients are invited to share their stories, as well as offer feedback and insight. Different aspects of the diagnosis may be explored to better understand the patient experience.

Additional Avenues – Some studies utilize alternative research collection in order to better understand the patient’s journey. Some examples may include short home video descriptions, video blog diaries, or written stories in an essay form.

Hybrid Methods (Two or more study options)