Seeking Caregivers of those Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

  • We are looking to learn more about your experiences with being a caregiver (emotions that are felt, what led to diagnosis, etc.)
  • Discover more about the treatment and symptoms that and the patient deal with on a daily basis
  • Learn more interactions with Doctors, how the experience is for you and the patient. 


  • Caregiver of an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Must Live In New York City or Los Angeles

Caregiver Compensation:

  • $150.00 For A 60-minute in-person interview
  • $175.00 For A 90-Minute in-person interview

Who Are We (Echo Project Management Group, Inc.)

  • We are a leader in connecting patients with recognized medical Research Studies
  • We are dedicated to being up front and open with you. If you have questions just ask!
  • We are committed to protecting your personal data and are a HIPAA Compliant Entity

Patients and Caregivers Will be Compensated for Their Time

If you meet the above qualifications we want to hear from you!

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**We ask that you please honor the commitment to participate in this research. Your opinion is very IMPORTANT and truly matters!