Seeking Patients Diagnosed With Respiratory Conditions

The research is being conducted with patients with respiratory conditions to explore opinions on the treatment of lung infections and available treatment options – we would like to include your opinions.

Participation In This Study Will Consist Of:

60-minute Phone Interview with access to a computer with high-speed internet (just for sharing documents during the call) (no webcam necessary)

Compensation For Completion: $100.00


  • Patient must be over the age of 18
  • Patient must be diagnosed with a respiratory condition

Who Are We (Echo Project Management Group, Inc.)

  • We are a leader in connecting patients with recognized medical Research Studies
  • We are dedicated to being up front and open with you. If you have questions just ask!
  • We are committed to protecting your personal data and are a HIPAA Compliant Entity

Patients and Caregivers Will be Compensated for Their Time

If you meet the above qualifications we want to hear from you!

 Please fill out the questions below to determine whether you fit the profile of patients that we have been asked to recruit.



Rest assured that we act in accordance with the Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO) code of conduct regarding anonymity and confidentiality. Your individual responses will be kept for research purposes only.  Your personal information will not be linked to any of your answers and will not be shared with anyone else. Your identity will be kept confidential and anonymous and responses will be reported only in aggregate form.

Please be assured that this is for research purposes only.  It is not promotional and no-one will contact you to sell anything as a result of your participation.